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Dog BreedsTop 10 Smallest Dogs in The World 2022

Top 10 Smallest Dogs in The World 2022

Pets are very popular in today’s life, small dogs are an indispensable choice of every family or young people when they intend to have a pet. Each dog species has a different personality and appearance, but to get close to the mischievous little dogs, let’s explore the top 10 small dogs to better understand!

  1. Poodle – The smart little dog

There are no prizes for guessing why this breed is at the top of our charts! Poodles are the most popular breed and can qualify as hunters and companion dogs. The standard poodle is slightly large and can become a hunter. On the other hand, little poodles and toys are great little companions for young children. They are simple to train, the attention seekers they are. There’s no way you can ignore their adorable and naughty antics throughout the day. There is only one word of warning. Poodles are naturally dominant, and it’s important to keep interacting with them so they don’t overwhelm you or allow them to overtake you.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 4 to 5 inches
WEIGHT: Up to 20 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: In addition to their large body, their fur still retains the outstanding features ò the Poodle family such as curly fur, small round eyes, and long pointed muzzle,…
  1. Dachshund Dog

The Dachshund is known by various names, including Doxie, wiener dog, sausage dog, and hot dog. These names naturally largely refer to the breed’s distinctive appearance. Dachshunds can be found in conventional or tiny sizes, with the latter being perfect for those who love small dogs. With their loved ones, they are kind and sweet, but they can be cautious about strangers.

Breed Overview
HEIGHT: 5 to 9 inches
WEIGHT: Up to 32 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Low, long body; short legs; various colors like chocolate, black, red, and more.
  1. Chihuahua Dog( Chiwuawua )

The name Chihuahua comes from a state in Mexico. This is also one of the cutest small dog breeds in the world that many people choose to keep in their homes. This is a very intelligent dog breed. You can train them to be part of the family. Chihuahua is very good at keeping the house because they can detect strangers or strange sounds.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 5 to 8 inches
WEIGHT: Up to 6 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: The first feature is that you can identify this dog in the round, small head with erect ears and round eyes. Chihuahua has both short and long coats in a variety of colors. The most prominent often seen in this breed is still yellow.
  1. PomskyDog (Snob Dog)

Pomsky is the smallest and cutest dog breed in the world in recent times. This dog breed is a cross between two dog breeds Husky and Pomeranian. The highlight of Pomsky is the strange blue eyes of the Husky breed. Dark gray fur combined with round eyes looks very cute. The price of this small dog is usually 5 to 10 times higher than the price of the parent breed. If you are a pet enthusiast, you cannot ignore this beautiful hybrid dog.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 10 to 15 inches
WEIGHT: 20 to 30 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Because she is a mixed breed, she has a combination of two different personality traits. Pomsky is both loyal and brave, but equally active and mischievous.
  1. Pomeranian Dog

One of the world’s next smallest dog breeds is the Pomeranian. This is a famous dog breed in the world not only for its beauty but also for its intelligence. Their fur has up to 23 different colors including cream, red, orange, white, black wolf, black beaver, etc. Their round, almond-shaped eyes, always wide open and slightly slanted towards the corners of the eyes, look very cute. You can take this dog with you anywhere because of its small size. This is a very active, super-intelligent dog that you can easily train. Pomeranian deserves to be the world’s smallest dog breed that is extremely adorable and you cannot ignore.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 6-7 inches
WEIGHT: 3-7 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: They are very alert, intelligent, and quite active dogs
  1. French bulldog

In fifth place in the top of the world’s smallest dog breeds is the French Bull. This is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world that is loved by many people. Its prominent features are a short face, round chest, and bat-like ears. Although this is a small dog, its body is very muscular and the short coat looks very healthy.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 11-13 inches
WEIGHT: under 28 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: The French Bulldog is also a very intelligent and quick learner. Therefore, many families choose it for training to look after the houses in the apartments. Not only that, but the French Bull is also very affectionate and active, so it will be a great friend.
  1. Bichon Frise Dog

The Bichon Frise is the world’s next smallest dog breed that we will explore together. Bichon Frise was born in France with a combination of two breeds of Spaniel Barbet and Poodle. This is one of the luxurious dogs sought by many young people. Bichon Frise stands out with its snow-white coat and is always trimmed regularly. The baby’s body is very compact and well-proportioned. The small face and round black eyes promise to capture the hearts of many pet lovers.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 9.5-11.5 inches
WEIGHT: 12-18 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: Bichon Frise has a very cheerful, patient, and intelligent temperament. It can memorize commands after only a few lessons. Many people often train it to play with children in the house Bichon Frise is extremely friendly and likable
  1. Pug (BullDog)

The next smallest dog breed in the world is the Pug. Pug is also known by other names like Pug face sag or saggy face dog, … This is one of the smallest dogs in the world with a very funny and lovely face. The impressive feature of this breed is its round face, with many stacked winkles. Their eyes are slightly protruding, large and round, brown and glittering like they are about to cry.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 10-15 inches
WEIGHT: 40 pounds (female) 50 pounds (male)
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: The Saggy-faced is very friendly, approachable, and social, charming, clever, playful, mischievous, approachable,… Therefore, it is chosen to be a family friend rather than a housekeeper. This is an extremely affectionate, intelligent, and loyal dog. There for, the Pug dog deserves to be the smallest dog breed in the world that you should own.
  1. Yorkshire Dog

With its long and shiny coat, Yorkshire has won the hearts of many people, especially in Europe. This is also the smallest pet dog in the world and is extremely luxurious.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 7-8 inches
WEIGHT: 7 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: Their heads are very small, they have medium-sized black eyes and V-shaped ears. Most Yorkshire dogs have bold personalities but are also very loyal to their owners. However, you should be careful not to let them out in cold weather because they are prone to illness.
  1. Papillon Dog

The last name in the top of the world’s smallest dog breeds is the Papillon. The Papillon is also known as the Butterfly breed. Since ancient times, this breed has been kept as a pet and even participates in art performances. Papillon owns a luxuriously long and silky coat. Their ears are also shaped like butterfly wings, so they are called Butterfly dogs.

Breeds Overview
HEIGHT: 8-11 inches
WEIGHT: 5-10 pounds
PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTIC: This breed is extremely docile, agile, and loves to please its owner. Therefore, it is suitable for keeping indoors and in a small apartment. You should periodically check your baby’s health and food intake so that they grow up healthy.

So we have together discovered the Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world that can be kept indoors. Hopefully, you can find more useful information in this blog post!


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